Careers / Post16

Work Experience

Miss Price and Ms Jennings are in charge of Work Experience currently and therefore, the first contact for such information:

01564 792364


Other Support :

  • Year 11 students have Practice Interviews in October
  • Year 11 students receive support to create a Curriculum vitae
  • Careers advice is available at Year 11 parents Evening to help with Post 16 research
  • Year 11 Students receive a series of assemblies where Post 16 opportunities across Warwickshire are addressed.All levels of entry for both academic and vocational routes.
  • All students can access the comprehensive Careers library at any time.The Careers noticeboard is regularly updated with local events and opportunities.
  • Additional, specialist talks are provided to a range of year groups.
  • Gifted and talented students receive targeted opportunities of relevance.


Useful Information:


Work Experience Forms 2022-2023


Fast Forward Careers Explorer’

Fast Forward allows students to select their interests and suggests careers based the route taken through the platform.  It also includes facts and figures about the job roles, average salaries, future employment projection numbers and where jobs are available in each region in the UK. Finally it advises which of our courses will help students start their journey towards their chosen career.

Fast Forward is free to use and easily accessible,


Virtual Work Experience

Year 10 and 11 missed out on their Actual 1-week work experience placements. We’ve found lots of virtual work experience running over the summer holidays for them to take part in. Please click on the link (have link to spreadsheet here) to see the spreadsheet that contains all of the virtual opportunities we’ve found.  Don’t forget there are other forms of work experience you can demonstrate (if safe to do so) such as Volunteering (at a charity?) taking shopping to an elderly neighbor, dog walking, extracurricular activities e.g. Scouts, Guides, clubs or take up a new skill such as BSL – BSL – British Sign Language

For as little as a £3 donation you can start a course in BSL online

Also, take a look at individual Employers as they may offer something via their website; at least you are undertaking Career Research, whilst not physically in school.

Current live virtual work experience opportunities for the West Midlands and Nationally