The Curriculum

The Curriculum at Henley-in-Arden School is closely linked to the aims of the School and the demands of the National Curriculum.  Education is about academic achievement, but it is also related to the development of competent young adults in personal and social terms.


KS3: Year 7 and 8

The aim of the Lower School Curriculum is to provide a broad, balanced education.  All pupils study English, Maths, Science, Design Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Computing, PE, Geography, History, Music, Art, Drama, Dance and a course in Personal, Social, Religious and Health Education, which includes Citizenship.  Most pupils study French and Spanish, but a small group have extra Literacy instead.


KS4: Year 9, 10 and 11

At the end of Year eight, students choose four option subjects to complement a range of core subjects studied at KS4.  Most of these are GCSE, whilst Performing Arts, Information Technology and Business Studies are applied qualifications.


The subjects we presently offer are:


English Literature     

English Language





Business Studies






Art & Design 

Performing Arts (Acting)



Design Technology

Information Technology

Food Prep and Nutrition

Physical Education


The key word in this context is “personalisation”: the curriculum of each year is tailored to the needs of the student. Last year we were able to offer first choice places to 99% of our students which indicates that the variety and range of choices are very well matched to the needs of our students.


What Ofsted say…

“…marking and feedback on students’ work are precisely focused on how to achieve.”


“A small number of students are supported through additional year 7 catch-up funding, which helps the students who join the academy with attainment below the expected levels in English and Mathematics. This is an effective strategy because eligible students are making good progress and catching up well.”



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