Welcome to E-Safety at Henley-in-Arden School

Welcome to the new home of e-safety and advice for Henley-in-Arden parents. On this page you will find useful guides and helpful tips to support your child online. In addition to this it will have up to date guides on the latest trends and games. In addition to this there is support for students who are struggling with online issues, or gaming too much.

Here to help

In this section you will find lots of help guides for common issues.

This page will be changing on a regular basis so please keep checking back for the latest help guides to support your child online.

Loneliness Online

Sometimes even when gaming online or scrolling through other peoples social media it can still be a lonely place. See the guide linked for some useful tips and ideas to help. Remember always speak to someone for help if you need to.


Click here for help guide


Snapchat is a video, picture and messaging social media app. A lot of students use this as their main app to talk with friends on via images, or in group chats. Students can also follow celebrities and news accounts too. This is an app that it is well worth knowing all of the detail of.


Please click here for the parental help guide to Snapchat

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is sadly something that does happen. There are lots of places where students can go to for support: pastoral, Mr Insley, speaking to friends / parents or via the website CEOP

Click here for a parental help guide




TikTok is the latest social media trend for students. The app has a huge variety of content, a lot of which is good natured fun, but as with all social media apps there are problem areas. Please use this helpful guide for parents to understand more about the app.


Click here to download the guide

Group Chats

One of the main ways where students communicate when not face to face is in a group chat with others. This can be on lots of different apps, so its worth having the conversation with your student as to which is there most used.

Click here for the parental help guide

Online Streamers

Streaming may be something new to yourself – but it wont be to your child. Lots of streamers make a full time living from posting content online. Lots of these involve playing games or recording themselves doing challenges. This can be on a lot of different apps and platorms.


Click here for a parental guide to streamers