Revisions Tips 

Useful websites for revision can be found here

Not sure how to revise? Looking for ideas of how to revise differently? Look no further!
Henley Revision Guide 2019 

Click below for some new ideas of how to revise your work:
Planning my revision – DOs and DONT’s Ideas for revising differently that work
Revision Strategies – Try These Powerpoint with helpful hints and tips
Memory and Recall Presentation – Memory and Recall Techniques
 GCSE Pod All Henley-in-Arden Students have login details for GCSE Pod

BBC Bitesize 
BBC Bitesize breaks down subjects into handy smaller chunks (there’s a clue in the name here..) and lets you revise topics, watch video summaries, complete activities and test yourself as you go. The site covers most subjects at GCSE and is especially good for your English Literature text’s summaries and quizzes.

Flashcard apps and Quizzlet
Save paper and the pain of trying to decipher your handwriting with a flashcard app. Look for a version like Flashcards+ (iOS), which lets you create your own cards or import existing sets through Quizlet, a brilliant community site for students to share study notes.

Revision App
Revision App is another great free option for iPhone, Android and desktop users with over five million flashcards available to download.

Revision planning apps
A big part of revision is getting organised and keeping track of your study. The Revision Ace app lets you make a revision plan, record your time spent on each subject and track your progress as you go. Alternatively, you can create a colourful PDF timetable with the help of getrevising.co.uk, which will even suggest a schedule for you to follow.

Spark Notes
Watch video summaries of your Literature texts and study a host of other subjects with popular study notes site Spark Notes. Try out No Fear Shakespeare, which puts the original text side by side with a modern translation to help you pick up the story and translate new words as you go. Revise your grammar with University of Bristol Grammar Exercises.

Revise GCSE and A-level subjects, test yourself, make a revision timetable for free and download apps from this comprehensive revision website.

BBC Brain Smart
Need a quick study break? Why not stay productive and wake up your brain by playing a game from BBC Brain Smart. There are fun games to help you boost your memory, remember chains of numbers, get motivated and manage stress. And all without feeling like you are doing any real work (we promise).


Subject-specific support:

English Language and English Literature Revision
Please visit the English Department’s microsite.

Music Revision
Please visit the Music Department’s microsite.

Geography Revision:
Please visit the Geography Department’s microsite.