Please click here to view information and advice, and for details on our Pastoral Team

Please click here to view the Consequences and Rewards scheme document in the Behaviour Policy(Appendix A Consequences and Rewards Scheme).

This year we have launched a new piece of software for parents called Schoolcomms Online Reporting. You can sign up to the software by visiting the School Gateway website and clicking on “New User”. Once signed up, via a mobile app or the School Gateway website, you will be able to view and receive updates on your child’s Achievement points, Consequences (Behaviour) points, Attendance, Timetables and other details.

To take advantage of this exciting new development, please make sure that school has your correct email address and mobile phone number for you to enable access.

If you don’t have an Apple or Android device, you can also use the School Gateway website to gain access to Online Reporting.

We would advise you to use the App where possible as this will allow you to receive automatic daily updates on your child’s achievements and consequence point’s total. These will usually be distributed at 16:00 daily. 

School Gateway App links are available below: