The Team

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Pastoral Leadership Team

As well as all of the general support below, we are, of course here to help. Should students have any concerns when they are in school, they should speak to their form tutor in the first instance where possible.  Alternatively, Pastoral Managers, or any adult with whom they feel comfortable in school. All staff have regular child protection training and staff with particular training or an affinity to support mental students wellbeing have chosen to wear a purple lanyard.

FORMS 2021-22 


Form  Tutor 
7S  Miss Stephens 
7L3  Miss Barker 
7B  Mrs Eastwick 
7V  Mr Forsythe 
7H  Mrs Monk MTThF/Mrs Ruddel (w) 
8F(7F)  Miss Munro 
8L2(7L3)  Mr Udall 
8CO(7E)  Mr Matthews 
8T3(7T3)  Miss Frye 
8L(7H)  Mr McMinn 
9K(8K)  Mr McDowell 
9G(8G)  Mrs Campton ( Mrs E Jones ( 
9J(8J)  Miss Adams (Mrs Ratliff (M-Th)/Mrs E Jones (F) 
9DRS (8CO)  Mr Eagles 
9T(8T)  Mr Walton 
10P(9V)  Mr Penn (TWTh) / Mrs Abbott (M/F)  
10O (9O)  Mrs Banks/ Mrs Ruddel (M) 
10L1 (9S)  Mrs Williams (MWThF) Mr Discenza (T) 
10C(9L)  Mrs Wootton (MTW) Madame Pierre (Th/F) 
10Q(9Q)  Mrs D Jones 

Intervention Form :  

Mrs Banks (M) (Maths) 

Mr Insley (Tu) (Ment) 

Ms Hart and Miss Robbins (W) (Eng) 

Mrs Ruddel (Th) (Sci) 

Mrs Laszcz (F) (PSHRE) 

11I (10C)   Miss Hemmings 
11R (10R)  Mr Lunn (Mrs Jones Th) 
11U (10B)  Mrs Gadd 
11L4 (10L2)  Mr Willard