GCSE Physical Education

Welcome PE enthusiasts! This site is primarily aimed at Edexcel Physical Education pupils at Henley-in-Arden Secondary School. It is designed to give you a love for the theory of PE whilst helping you achieve a better understanding for the course. It will be periodically updated with worksheets, video links and tests to challenge you whilst consolidating your understanding and promoting independent learning.

Edexcel GCSE Specifacation

GCSE PE Course Description

Have you ever wanted to know what makes Andy Murray’s serve so powerful, what makes Mo Farah so quick on his feet or even how Cristiano Ronaldo is able to kick the ball so accurately? Discover the Science behind sport and develop an understanding of how your body works during exercise. The course is divided between practical and theory elements. During the practical sessions you will develop your existing skills in a range of sports as well as concentrating on the tactical aspects of their activities. The theoretical element of the course will delve into the human body and the effect that exercise has upon it. Lessons will be delivered both in the classroom and practically to embed the theory behind sport.

What will I study and how will I be assessed?

You are assessed throughout the course both theoretically with end of unit tests and practically in a range of sports in preparation for the controlled assessment which will be held at the end of Year 11. Practical ability alone will not be sufficient to be successful on this course. Therefore, you are considering choosing GCSE PE should speak to your PE teacher about your suitability before making a decision.

  • Component 1- Fitness and Body Systems (1 hour 45 minute examination 36%)

Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology

Topic 2: Movement analysis

Topic 3: Physical training

Topic 4: Use of data

  • Component 2- Health and Performance (1 hour 15 minute examination 24%)

Topic 1: Health, fitness and well-being

Topic 2: Sport psychology

Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences

Topic 4: Use of data

  • Component 3- Practical Performance- in one team, one individual and one other sports activity from a set list. (Internally assessed 30%)
  • Component 4- Personal Exercise Programme- (Coursework which is internally assessed 10%)