Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Extended Curriculum Leadership Team

Teaching Team

Faculty of English and Modern Languages

  • Ms L Hart BSc, PGCE, NPQML – Joint Head of English
  • Miss A Robbins BA, PGCE, NPQSL, SLE – Joint Head of English
  • Ms A Moon BA, MA, PGCE – Second in English
  • Mrs E Jones BA, PGCE – Literacy Coordinator
  • Mrs C Grantham BA, PGCE – English/Film Studies (SENDCo/PL Y7)
  • Mr N Lunn BA, CELTA, PGCE – Head of Modern Languages
  • Mr W Coughlin-Miller BA, PGCE – Teacher of English/Drama
  • Mrs A Ratliff BA, MA, PGDE – Teacher of English
  • Mrs S Wright BA, PGCE – Teacher of English/Drama
  • Ms H Tedford BA, PGCE, PGTEFL – School Librarian
  • Mme M Pierre Agrégation (QTS) – Teacher of MFL/Mathematics
  • Mrs E Wootton BA, PGDip, PGCE – Teacher of MFL

Sub-Faculty of Performing Arts

  • Miss S Blyth BMus, PGCE, SLE – Director of Performing Arts (Music)
  • Mr S Eagles BA, PGCA, PGCE – Head of Acting
  • Mrs L Monk BA, GTP (QTS) – Head of Dance
  • Miss L Everson  – Teacher of Dance (Maternity Cover)
  • Mrs J Gadd BA, PGCE – Head of Art

Faculty of Mathematics & Technology

  • Miss E Gault BSc, PGCE – Head of Faculty (Mathematics)
  • Mr D Walton BSc, PGCE – Second in Mathematics/DofE Manager
  • Mr J Insley BSc, PGCE, NPQSL – Head of IT/Business (PL Y10/11)
  • Mrs L Munro BSc, PGCE – Head of D&T/Food Preparation & Nutrition
  • Mr C Penn BA, PGCE – Teacher of Mathematics
  • Ms F Corrado Laurea Magistrale, PGCE – Teacher of Mathematics
  • Miss T Lee BA, PGCE – Teacher of Mathematics
  • Miss D Jones BA, PGCE – Teacher of Mathematics
  • Mrs H McDermott BA, DipMfC,PGCE – Teacher of Design Technology

Faculty of Social Sciences / PHSRE

  • Mrs L Laszcz BA, PGCE, NPQSL, SLE – Head of Faculty (History/RE) (AHT)
  • Mrs A Shipley BA, MA, PGCE, NPQML – Head of History/ITT
  • Miss D Price BA, PGCE, NPQSL, SLE – Head of Geography/Pupil Futures (AHT)
  • Mrs G Stone Cert.Ed (QTS) – Teacher of Geography/Religious Education
  • Miss L Abbott BA, PGCE – Teacher of Geography
  • Mrs C Ellis-Brook, BSc –  Teacher of Geography

Faculty of Physical Sciences

  • Mrs L Pigott BSc, PGCE – Head of Faculty (Science)
  • Mr M Willard BSc, MSc, PGCE – Second in Science
  • Mr P McDowell BA, PGCE – Head of Physical Education
  • Mr M Udall  BSc, PGCE – Teacher of Science
  • Ms H Smail BSc, MCGI, PGCE – Teacher of Science (PL Y8/9)
  • Mrs S Bragg – Teacher of Science
  • Mrs C Messett BSc, PGCE – Teacher of Science
  • Mrs N Thompson BA, PGCE, NPQSL – Teacher of Physical Education (AHT)
  • Mrs S Campton BEd (QTS) – Teacher of Physical Education
  • Mr A Matthews PGCE, BSc Hons. – Teacher of Physical Education
  • Ms P Williams – Teacher of Physical Education

Support Team

Learning Support Team

  • Mrs C Grantham BA, PGCE – SENDCo
  • Mrs S Perkins Attendance Officer
  • Ms T Dias BA – Associate Teacher, High Needs
  • Mrs C Ellis-Brook BSc – Associate Teacher, Science
  • Miss J Clark BSc – Teaching Assistant
  • Mme C Nurit Licence de LCE, Maîtrise de LCE – Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs G Carroll – Teaching Assistant/Homework Club
  • Miss N Kristunas – Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs F Titterton – Teaching Assistant

Pastoral Support Team

  • Mrs Natalie Pearsall – Lead Pastoral Manager; Pastoral Manager Y7/8 & 9
  • Ms Emma Ludden – Pastoral Manger Y10 & Y11
  • Mrs K Ellis – Pastoral Manager SEND

Support Technicians

  • Mrs S Dunnett BSc – Senior Science Technician
  • Mrs S Maher BSc – Science
  • Mr M Parmar BSc, PGDE – Science
  • Mr D Nelson – Design Technology

Business and Administration

  • Mrs S Longden BA – Headteacher’s PA/Data Manager
  • Mrs S Smith – SIMS/School Census/Office Manager
  • Mrs C Goffe – Finance Officer
  • Mrs W Kelly – Examinations Officer
  • Mrs S Lewis – Lettings/Educational Visits/Music Tuition
  • Mrs S Chisnall – Receptionist/Administration team

Network and IT

  • Mr Rishy Liyanage BSc – Network Manager
  • Mr A Taj – IT Support Apprentice

Site Team

  • Mr R Dudley – Site Manager
  • Mr D Moreton – Caretaker
  • Mr S Beckett – Caretaker / Cleaning Supervisor

Catering Team

  • Mrs C Norrington – Catering Manager
  • Mrs J Stedman– Catering Chef
  • Miss D Reed – Catering Assistant
  • Miss S Williams – Catering Assistant
  • Ms D Ziebicka – Catering Assistant
  • Mrs E Berrington – Catering Assistant